Our Story

Fair Impacts Pvt Ltd is a boutique consulting firm designing sustainable business solutions for start-ups, entrepreneurs, corporations and non-profit organizations in Nepal. The founding principle behind Fair Impacts is to create a positive change (See+ve) and Impact Squared (Impact2) by the way we do business. We help create and build sustainable enterprises for our clients by focusing on the triple bottom line – profit, planet and people. We strongly believe that by strategically integrating our sustainable business model, we can build scalable economic and financial growth, empower the people and community to reduce inequalities, and maintain and protect the natural environment from deterioration.  As such, we build an ecosystem that entrenches sustainable development into the core values of our clienteles.

Fair Impacts is a social enterprise and embeds Fair Trade principles in its operations. Our focus is on upliftment and empowerment of youth, women, and rural through entrepreneurship. We work closely with corporations and philanthropists to design and deliver Corporate Social Responsibility actions. We have an extensive network with non-profits in Nepal and deep understanding of their need for sustainable growth of their organizations. Our integrated model creates a synergy among those we serve that can help boost and enhance their sustainable business model. Every organization and team is different, and we design our solutions for the best fit of the company. We connect corporations and non-profits to tie-up sustainable development efforts and create an ongoing development plan. Our Impact2 Hub is a value-add platform where we design capacity building workshops and trainings, conduct research and analysis, provide networking and mentoring platform.  

Our team comprises of over 10 years of experience in small business consulting, sustainability, digital technology, and non-profit management and fundraising. We strongly focus on capacity development of our people, and as such, we also provide opportunities to young minds to explore and learn from our practices.

Our Vision

Create sustainable business culture and ecosystem in Nepal for sustainable development and Fair Trade

Our Mission

Enable Fair and Sustainable Business practices to build Positive Change (See+ve) and lasting Impact2.

Our Motto

Possibilities are Limitless! Making Sustainable Impacts through Fair Initiatives


We are a Fair Trade Enterprise